That's how your website could look like

We had a very simple goal when creating website templates - make your menu easily accessible for the website visitors. That's the priority information and the main reason they come to the site, so we included links to it on every page of all our templates. Right now there is over 40 search engine optimized designs and we can customize any of them for you.

The shopping cart has been designed for the specifics of your business with delivery postcodes, times and delivery charges recognition. You take orders through your own site and thanks to that build list of your clients which can be used for marketing.

We want Ordys to be an affective marketing channel bringing you more customers. That's why, beside the website itself, we are giving you facebook menu application that promotes your menu on the biggest social network.

This is the demo shop and, obviously, here you can have a feel of the system by changing the layout and any detail of this website in admin demo. When you make a change just refresh this website to see it updated.

to place an order

- login easily to pre-created customer's account

- as a payment type select cash in order summary

- check "Today's orders" tab in admin demo to see your order there

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